Viacom NEXT is working on the future of entertainment. We explore, prototype and launch novel projects with our brands (MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, etc).

We focus on Virtual Reality* — making room-scale interactive music experiences, narrative worlds, games, and exploring live-action capture techniques.

We believe that creativity is combinatorial. Our partners include startups, academia, as well as creators, artists, and musicians.

Some of our VR work include (youtube trailers):

Premiered at Microsoft Build 5/2017, press: HuffPo, VR Focus
The Melody of Dust
Premiered at SXSW Film Festival 3/2017, press: Rolling Stone, Forbes, Variety, Engadget
Premiered at Sundance 1/2017, press: The VergeRoad to VR, Kill Screen, VR Scout
Smash Party VR
Launched on Steam app store 12/2016, list of press
MTV Open Your Eyes
Tilt Brush VR Art Shows: 10/2016 at the Presidential Debates and SXSL
VR Fellowship Program
summer 2017 (music edition), press: vr focus
Summer 2016, press: one, two, three

Other Press Coverage


We are a member company / sponsor of:

Other areas we explore include IoT and AI/Machine Learning.

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NEXT is led by Chaki Ng.

* also Augmented/Mixed Realities